Tyler Perry’s Buddhist dad (A very disingenuous headline but I couldn’t think of anything better)

As you’ll see in this sweatlodge-scene still, it appears that the David Alan Grier judge/father character in the new Tyler Perry film, Peeples, has some sort of pseudo-Buddhist thing going on. You’ll also see a Buddha statue in the family’s home in the film’s trailer.

The film’s already being panned left and right, but if any of you see it and see something worth talking about in its Buddhist-dad depiction, leave a comment and let us know.

Electrolux wants to “Clean Your Mind”

“Train your brain while you are vacuuming with the first meditation program developed for vacuum cleaning.”

You aint gonna believe this if you havent seen it, so here it is: http://www.electrolux.com/cleanyourmind/
(Link opens in new window; bring your own grain of salt.)

More (and I gather this part is extra tongue-in-cheek) here:
Dharma-Burger! “Dark Buddha Rising”

“Dark Buddha Rising,” New Noise Magazine tells us, “are a Finnish occult psychedelic drone-doom metal group with no biographical information available.”

The accompanying band photo features skulls and blood and candles. You know: Buddhist stuff! Here‘s the band on FB.

Trailer: Jesus and Buddha join up in “Saint Young Men”

The Phuket News tells us today about Saint Young Men, a manga tale (we’ve talked about it before here on the Horse) which has now evolved into an animated film. As we’re told, the artist behind it “portrays Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha, the founders of Christianity and Buddhism, as two cool guys who share an apartment on their trip to Earth. The plot evolves as both characters encounter new challenges in modern society.” And some are up in arms about it all — in Thailand at least — saying the portrayal of Buddha and Jesus caught up in worldly life is disrespectful.

It’s not in English, but here’s the trailer.

The film is to be released in early May.

…and here’s an album called “Tibetan Monk”

Parisian psychedelic/jam band Domadora has a new album out and it’s called Tibetan Monk — which is also the name of the opening track, a blistering little piece of instro/noise-work. Being that it’s instrumental, we have no lyrics to enlighten us about the title choice, but the album can be heard online, here:

Listen to Jeremiah Cymerman’s new LP, “Sky Burial”

With titles like “Crazy Wisdom,” “Mount Meru,” and “Skull Bowl,” Jeremiah Cymerman’s new album of electroacoustic experimentalism displays a clear Tibetan Buddhist influence.

You can listen to and download it online, here.

Rob Lowe and Maria Shriver: Your newest celebrity Buddhists?

“Parks and Recreation” fans might have wondered if Rob Lowe was dabbling in Buddhism — and not just because of the references his P&R character keeps making, like last week when he said he’d raise his child Buddhist, or the story linked to in the comments here — but this story seems to confirm it, and also suggests that Maria Shriver has turned to the practice too.

…Or, perhaps, it’s just gossip. After all, this is the same outlet that reported that Bill Clinton has turned to Buddhist meditation, and, well… that’s just not true.

Dharma-Burger! “Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll”

Rock band Fall Out Boy have released a new album with a young monk (and friend) on its cover…

More about it here, if you wish.

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