Dharma-Burger! “Thirsty Buddha”

Buddhism-inspired marketing isn’t showing signs of slowing down. Take the latest Dharma-Burger, “Thirsty Buddha” Coconut Water. Though it seems to depict Hotei, the “fat Buddha” so often mistaken for Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha, this product does away with accuracy altogether, renaming him after the product and creating a new legend for him.

“Thirsty Buddha,” reads the can, “believes that adequate hydration is essential to life, so much so that he has spent the better part of his in search of Mother Nature’s ultimate hydrator. With his lifelong journey, comes the success of his quest: Thirsty Buddha 100% Pure Coconut Water.” …And then, the kicker, at the top of the package: “It’s Buddhalicious!” (more…)

The top-flight chef with the mala on his wrist

Black Book has published a new interview with Chef Laurent Manrique of Millesime, the restaurant (or, “casual seafood brasserie”) found in NY’s Carlton Hotel. Manrique — known for his Tuna Tartare; you can watch a video of him preparing it here — is, as you might have guessed by my posting about this here, a Buddhist, and he addresses this with Black Book. A sample quote: “Buddhism helps me remove the unnecessary things on the plate; if it’s not important, what’s the point?” Read more of the interview here.

Thanks, for the zillionth time, to Konchog Norbu.

Dharma-Burger Supreme!

Here on the Horse we often discuss Dharma-Burgers, or manifestations of the ongoing collision of Buddhist imagery and ideas with pop-culture. Such occurrences can run the gamut: sometimes they can be subtle, fleeting nods, and sometimes they can wallop you over the head. Sometimes they’re funny, and sometimes they’re not. Blogger Scott Mitchell (The Buddha is My DJ) sends on a remarkable new example. See what you think of it.

Thanks, Scott! And thank you, Mr. Pizza!

The Dalai Lama guest-judges on Master Chef Australia

Elephant’s got the video. Click here.

Dharma-Burger! The meaning of Zen — to Zac Efron, at least

The tabloids are abuzz with the news that the young Hollywood star Zac Efron is into “ZEN.”

Notice the scare-quotes there? That’s because Efron’s not into the practice of Zen meditation, or anything to do with Buddhism, but rather, ZEN Foods. (Zen here stands for “Zero Effort Nutrition.”) According to The Daily Mail: “The 23-year-old star has been pictured carrying a Z.E.N.  Foods cooler bag as he left a Hollywood studio. Z.E.N. is a diet delivery service that helps stars eat calorie-controlled meals.”

And according to the Z.E.N. Foods website, Vanessa Hudgens (actress and supposed former flame of Zac) is into the diet, too.

Hey, why make Right Effort,* when you can instead make Zero Effort — and indulge in a big, heaping Dharma-Burger while you’re at it?

(*Link opens up a Dhamma talk on Right Effort by teacher and friend of the Horse Thanissaro Bhikkhu.)

The first great Dharma-Burger of 2011…

…is found printed on a Domino’s pizza box, as discovered (and sent to the Horse) by none other than the mighty Thanissaro Bhikkhu, teacher, friend, and abbot of Metta Forest Monastery:

Much gratitude to him for sending it.

(And he has some gratitude for you, too.)

Gourmet Dharma-Burger…

TLC is launching a new show called Food Buddha.

Here‘s the host’s site — though it says he’s NOT a Buddhist, he’s said to have a “Zen-like quality” and you click on something that says “Begin Enlightenment” on the launch page to enter.


Dharma-Burger in a can — now with more syrup

Love this one.

Thanks to the mighty Steve Silberman for passing it along.

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