Hey, M.I.A.’s new single looks like a mandala

Yes, it does. And I think it’s safe to say that’s clearly intentional. But that’s not reason enough to check it out. 

The fact that it’s M.I.A. is reason enough. And, it’s streaming for free, so what the heck.

Watch Yamantaka // Sonic Titan’s opera, “33″

Among the musical acts covered in my Buddhism-and-music article found in the March 2013 Shambhala Sun is the great Yamantaka // Sonic Titan. (I realize it’s easy to call a band “great” but this one really deserves all the accolades it gets.)

The article makes a quick reference to the band’s (first! of two!) opera, entitled 33. Well, there’s some great video of the complete thing: well shot, great sound, lots to see and hear. I don’t feel remotely able to unpack all you’ll see in it — but this is one exciting band; who cares what I have to say? Click here to watch the video, and here to listen to YT // ST’s debut self-titled LP, which is — unsurprisingly — fantastic.

Campaign against Buddha images on toilets succeeds (Updated)

From the Bangkok Post:

Two Thais living in the Netherlands have begun an online campaign demanding authorities remove pictures of Lord Buddha displayed on public toilets in a city there, according to Thai Rath newspaper.

The rest of the story, with a photo of the offensive images, can be found here.

Jan 24 update: the firm behind the toilets’ design has issued an apology.

HBO’s “Enlightened” nails it…

Not just with its (excellent) show — returning soon — but with this poster/meme based on those horrid “motivational” office posters we’ve all come to know and ridicule:

More people should watch this smart, funny, complicated, big-hearted show.

The newest video game? “The Buddhist”

From Engadget.com.

Engadget has an interesting little item about a video game “meant to adhere to the tenets of Buddhism by divorcing it of ‘the hero / heroine-driven linear narrative’ present in so many of the games we’ve come to know and love.” Click through here to check it out at Engadget.

Ethan Nichtern, founder of The Interdependence Project, releases his first novel

Perhaps you know of Buddhist teacher Ethan Nichtern and his first book, One City: A Declaration of Interdependence. (A great book that I was truly honored to work on back when I was at Wisdom Publications.) I hope you do. Well, now Ethan has released his second book; only it’s not a dharma book — at least not in a traditional way. Ethan’s new book is a novel.

It’s titled Your Emoticons Won’t Save You, and it comes out in a variety of electronic formats this week. My congrats to Ethan; I know he poured a lot of himself into writing this book. But then, that’s how he does things. Read on for a description and a link. (more…)

The many arms of the “Pepper-Spraying Cop”

You may have seen a post on Gawker today about how the ”UC Davis Pepper Spray Cop Is Now a Meme.” Now, by way of Occupy Lulz on Facebook (and the Facebook friend who brought the below to my attention), comes this, um, arresting contribution to the meme:

The “Pepper Spraying Cop” continues his beat across the internet. You’ll find some of his many tragicomic manifestations at his new, dedicated Tumblr, which includes a few more run-ins with religion, Eastern and Western.

Tibet in Comics, starring Bugs, Porky, and other favorite faces

Did you know Bugs Bunny traveled to Tibet? It’s true, NYC’s Rubin Museum of Art tells us by way of its Facebook feed, providing this classic comic book cover as proof…

The Rubin offers us the opportunity to “learn more about how prevailing perceptions of Tibet and the visual narrative evolved over time.” Their exhibit, Hero, Villain, Yeti: Tibet in Comics opens December 9, 2011. Click here for details. You’ll see comics discussed here on the Horse, like the Green Lama, plus much more like, Milarepa and Dalai Lama comics(!).

PS: Comics or not, The Rubin would be a must-see anyway!

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