NJ sells its lottery with Double Dharma-Burger allure

Thanks to the ever-eagle-eyed Sam DeWitt for pointing out this New Jersey Lottery commercial, which makes odd references to both Tibet and a “Zen guru” — whatever that is:

Think ‘burger.

Spotted on the back of The Coast, the great local freebie here in Halifax…:

Dharma-Burger: VitaZen wants to “Zen with you”

A few people sent word (and photos) of this product; this shot’s courtesy of, again, Brad Warner. (Thanks, Brad!, and thanks to the others of you as well.) Anyway, feast your eyes on this cheesy, cheesy Dharma-Burger.


And: “Zen with us”? Have they really just repurposed the word “Zen” to mean “have sex with”?

A Dharma-Burger for dogs with opposable thumbs

From Tanya, the blogger behind the great Full Contact Enlightenment, comes this newest Dharma-Burger, “ZenDog Calming Biscuits.”

(Phewww.) Thanks, Tanya!

Go visit her online. You’ll be gladja did.

HBO’s “Enlightened” nails it…

Not just with its (excellent) show — returning soon — but with this poster/meme based on those horrid “motivational” office posters we’ve all come to know and ridicule:

More people should watch this smart, funny, complicated, big-hearted show.

Dharma-Burger! Monks partying with “The Most Interesting Man in the World”

Thanks to friend Sam DeWitt for yet another great Dharma-Burger sighting: seems that Dos Equis’ famed “Most Interesting Man in the World” likes to frolic with Buddhist monks of indeterminable affiliation. Here’s a screenshot.

And you can see the ad itself here. (You’ll have to first assert that you’re of age, and then click the “projector.”)

Dharma-Burger: Tufts’ “Zen” ad (video)

This current commercial from Tufts is perhaps emblematic of how people think of meditation as it heads into the mainstream: it’s kind of a normal thing to do, but also not quite. The ad’s also notable, of course, for its punchline, which makes me think of those old Palmolive commercials with “Madge,” the talky manicurist…: Zen — You’re soaking in it!

A thousand bronze ‘Burgers

The sludge/stoner/doom band Slabdragger describes itself in a press kit as “heavier than a thousand bronze Buddhas.”

…I almost like that.

And they almost are.

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