Video: Tom and Jerry get “Zent Out of Shape”

I wrote up this modern-era “Tom and Jerry Tales” cartoon back in March 2008, and promptly forgot all about it. Now, here it is, complete with Zen garden raking, gasshos, a transverse-flute-playing mouse, and more, all for your viewing pleasure.

(Well… let’s not overstate things.) At any rate, it’s a truly weird Buddhism-and-pop-culture moment.


It really gets weird. How this came to be may be something that is beyond human understanding. Anyway, thanks to my friend Ben Hutchison for the video-link!


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    Barbara White Says:
    November 30th, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    Thank you for posting this! Incidentally, it’s a transverse flute, not a shakuhachi (the latter is end-blown). But both are equally full of emptiness. I am very glad to know cat noses make woodblock sounds; I;m planning to try that our real real soon.

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    Thanks, Barbara… I updated the post. Good catch — and your comment made me laugh, too.

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    This is so cool. I grew up with Tom and Jerry and I did not notice this episode at all. I really like the references to the Zen School of Buddhism in the cartoon. It really becomes educational. This is amazing for a show that is about a cat fighting a rat 24/7


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