Video: Portlandia’s “Meditation Crush”

You might enjoy this preview clip from the coming season of Portlandia, the much-talked-about show featuring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein in a seemingly endless parade of lovingly-rendered semi-stereotypes. It’s called “Meditation Crush,” and it may very well ring true for you; many meditators have been on at least one side of this experience.

Talk about facing reality!

Portlandia returns in January; click here for more.


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    That is hilarious! It reminded me of a ‘vipassana romance’ I had once where by the third or fourth day we were married, and by the fifth day had grandkids! When silence was broken on the tenth day, I heard her talking to some friends and her voice sounded like she’d sucked helium! Quite the ‘bring-down.’

    Now, of course it’s not ALWAYS that way: I first saw my wife at a zen retreat. After two silent retreats, we had our first conversation, and we’re still talking nine years later. But then, technically I guess ours is a ‘zen romance.’

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    makes sense… zen is better than everything else

    GO TEAM!


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