ROCK-HARD Dharma-Burger!

From Zen teacher and author Brad Warner — that’s him seen here — comes this latest one:

Found on Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake. According to the package it “increases TIME of INTERCOURSE; Lasting Your Sex Time,” “Increases SIZE and ROCK HARD; Grow Length Width of Yours” and “Increases STAMINA and SEX DRIVE; Gain Intense Orgasms, Rock Powerful.”

That pretty much says it all, or so one would think. But Brad goes on:

I just found that lying on the ground. The info on the back is particularly vague about what’s actually in it. The main ingredients are “Power Zen Blend” and “Power Zen Enhancement Blend.” It also says “take one capsule 30 minutes prior to sexual activity with water.” Is it legal to have sexual activity with water?


There’s even more! It promises “Better Ejaculation control, NO LIMITS.” They promise “Explosive Orgasms.” And it says it was “Doctor designed.”

Thanks, Brad! For more from Brad — lots more — visit his blog, Hardcore Zen.

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    Sold under Deepak’s personal label no doubt.


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