“George W. Bush Returns To America After Spending 4 Years In The Himalayas”

Hardly the whole picture. Visit The Onion for more.

That, of course, is an Onion headline. (And an Onion photo.)

A sample:

“Nearly four years have passed since I embarked on my search for the answers to life’s mysteries, and now the complex passages of time have returned me here once more, to my homeland,” said the bedraggled yet serenely smiling 43rd president of the United States, accompanied by a young monk named Dawa whom he met during his two years studying in a Tibetan monastery, and by a mountain goat he reportedly adopted as a spiritual companion. “I return to my home enlightened by the wisdom of 10,000 lifetimes, so that I might guide all idle souls along the oft secluded path of generosity, truth, and righteousness.”

Read the whole thing here. …Thanks as always to Brother Konchog for the tip.

Quite fun (even if it does conflate some ideas to execute its satirical vision).


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