Captain America, Buddhist?

Buddhist teachers Ethan Nichtern and Lodro Rinzler have been discussing superheroes lately, and Ethan has noted that while Batman is quite Buddhist, in terms of his motivations and approach to crimefighting, Chris Evans, who played Captain America in The Avengers and in the earlier Captain America feature reboot, actually identifies himself as Buddhist in a new Details feature.

Check that out here.

How things have changed. Just note how this war-era (1944) issue of Captain America makes use of sinisterly-depicted Asians and even a bastardized Buddha on its cover to get patriotic blood pumping. How nice to see our heroes getting a bit more worldly.

Thanks to Sam DeWitt for a nudge on this one.

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    Wow, things really have changed, from the West’s demonizing of the East to its worship of it now! Still, it’s good to know some people are still walking the peaceful middle way.


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