M.C.A., R.I.P.

Adam Yauch — aka MCA — of the Beastie Boys has died.

I can’t believe it either.

Small May 5 update: The story’s everywhere now. And then there’s this “News in Photos” gag from The Onion.


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    gate, gate, para gate…. http://t.co/WsouDiH4

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    I was pulling on my bicycle socks this afternoon. just happened that they were the “Free Tibet” ones… It occurred to me that w/o Mr. Yauch and “the boys”, this social marketing scheme might not exist. So, his efforts to end genocide in Tibet were not directly and immediately successful, but he planted seeds and we’ve yet to see how that fully plays out. He used his fame to model social justice to us all. Namaste, dear man.


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