Rapper A Cultivator releases free “Buddhist Hip Hop Mixtape”

From the "Mixtape" cover

The announcement I just saw about rapper A Cultivator (yes, that’s his name, “A Cultivator”) made a big deal like he’s the first person to bring rap and dharma together. But that’s hardly true — if you’ve been visiting the Horse for a while you know there’s been plenty of that. But that doesn’t make the idea any less worthwhile. Of course, with rap, so much is in the delivery, so you’ll have to see for yourself how A Cultivator stacks up, but you can do that by downloading his “Buddhist Hip Hop Mixtape” for free. Click here. From Skillful Methods Records, whose mission, they say, is “to build a movement based on the deepest values and meanings by which people live and contribute the art that will encourage and advance all toward the realization of enlightenment.”

Note: a little Googling seems to suggest that A Cultivator is down with Dorje Chang Buddha III, a spiritual teacher who’s been the subject of some notable controversy and criticism.

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