The Cult choose their weapon

I’ve written about them before here and on Shambhala SunSpace, but this not-unimportant post-punk turned full-on rock band is back (again) and referring to Buddhism in the press for the coming release of their new album, Choice of Weapon. As I say, this isn’t the first time; The Cult’s last album had some Buddhist themes, and singer Ian Astbury has spoken about his affinity for Tibetan Buddhism before, even writing a piece called “The Buddhist Way” for SPIN back in ’09.)

And The Cult’s weapon of choice? The dorje – in Buddhism, a symbol of enlightenment. In a new Rolling Stone article, we’re told the “shamanic figure” on the LP’s cover, seen here, is holding a dorje… but I must confess I’m not quite able to make it out. (Perhaps in full-size?) Anyway, Astbury talks about the dorje, and a lot more — really, worth the quick read — in the interview, here.

And if you wanna hear “Lucifer,” the lead single from the record, you preview it via the Rolling Stone link above, or download it via the band’s website.

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    Pretty cool interview with Ian Astbury. He seems to be pretty knowledgeable about current music and his commentary was interesting, especially on spiritual matters. I think a big part of The Cult’s appeal for me is their recurring use of mystical imagery and themes. Glad he addressed that in the interview. As an aside, the new song is better than I expected it to be…I’ll stick to the first four albums, though.


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