Ethan Nichtern, founder of The Interdependence Project, releases his first novel

Perhaps you know of Buddhist teacher Ethan Nichtern and his first book, One City: A Declaration of Interdependence. (A great book that I was truly honored to work on back when I was at Wisdom Publications.) I hope you do. Well, now Ethan has released his second book; only it’s not a dharma book — at least not in a traditional way. Ethan’s new book is a novel.

It’s titled Your Emoticons Won’t Save You, and it comes out in a variety of electronic formats this week. My congrats to Ethan; I know he poured a lot of himself into writing this book. But then, that’s how he does things. Read on for a description and a link.

Here’s the book’s official description:

Somewhere where A Catcher in the Rye meets Stand By Me, Your Emoticons Won’t Save You is at once a tender coming of age story and a homage to male friendship. Nichtern’s hero, Alex Bardo, is witty, heartbroken, and lost. Going on 21, he is more interested in being the CEO of the Wannabe Poet’s Brigade than in his expensive education. Trying to find his way in the world after a debaucherous and painful summer in 1998 with his hyper-intellectual, trés annoying best friend Gabe, he sets out on a road trip to their childhood summer camp. Grabbing shotgun for the trip are his old camp friends, now all grown-up (sort of): Gideon the Player, Anthony the Traveling Man, and Lucas the Patron of Playtime. Alex is a true seeker and only a partial f-ck up: seeking spiritual aspirin to treat his perpetual hangover, seeking love, and seeking a mystical place called the “real world,” which does nothing but procrastinate on its arrival.

Click here for more info and to pre-order a signed print copy of Your Emoticons Won’t Save You. The electronic version will be available soon.

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