The many arms of the “Pepper-Spraying Cop”

You may have seen a post on Gawker today about how the ”UC Davis Pepper Spray Cop Is Now a Meme.” Now, by way of Occupy Lulz on Facebook (and the Facebook friend who brought the below to my attention), comes this, um, arresting contribution to the meme:

The “Pepper Spraying Cop” continues his beat across the internet. You’ll find some of his many tragicomic manifestations at his new, dedicated Tumblr, which includes a few more run-ins with religion, Eastern and Western.


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    nice. and here i thought i had seen them all.

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    Donna L Wood Says:
    November 24th, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Our countrymen certainly have a right to post something like this. However, it is in poor taste. Contemplating the latter will always keep one from running afoul of the former.


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