You know that photo of “100,000 Burmese monks praying for world peace…”?

You may have seen this photo (or others like it) going around, posted on Facebook, etc, with a note that it’s of Burmese monks praying for world peace. That’s not quite accurate.

The actual story is that this is from a photoset of what some call a cult, based out of Thailand, whose “mass ceremonies are inspired by the head abbot’s fascination with the Muslim hajj gatherings and Nazi parades…” That description and the photoset itself — called “Close Encounters of the Buddhist Kind” — come from Foreign Policy. These photos really do beg to be seen. Only, in context.


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    [...] photo series has been making the rounds again. So I thought I’d bring this piece out of the archives. (Originally written back on [...]

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    The photo looks fake

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    it isnt. follow the link.


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