Dharma-Burger Supreme!

Here on the Horse we often discuss Dharma-Burgers, or manifestations of the ongoing collision of Buddhist imagery and ideas with pop-culture. Such occurrences can run the gamut: sometimes they can be subtle, fleeting nods, and sometimes they can wallop you over the head. Sometimes they’re funny, and sometimes they’re not. Blogger Scott Mitchell (The Buddha is My DJ) sends on a remarkable new example. See what you think of it.

Thanks, Scott! And thank you, Mr. Pizza!


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    [...] oh. I’ve been linked to by the mighty-mighty RMS from both the Worst Horse and SunSpace. Maybe I should brush the dust off the keyboard and write something in case anyone [...]

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    It’s like a koan. It shatters your sense of reality so completely that you have no choice but to become enlightened. Or at least hungry for some pizza.

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    If you closely read the inscription on the statue, I believe it says:
    “You tried the rest; now try the best!”

    This is awesome!

    Of course, what they refuse to admit is that we owe the Italians for kimchee!

    frank jude


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