Deadly Light release new album, “No Gods Within the City”

You may recall mentions of the three-piece metal band Deadly Light both here and over on Shambhala SunSpace. It’s pretty obvious that the Horse is enthusiastic about metal — especially when it’s at turns hard-to-play, sludgy, chuggy, catchy — but of course we’re talking about Buddhism here, at least ostensibly, so let me remind you of the Buddhist connection. As drummer Don Baumer told me about two years ago: “As practicing Buddhists, we have written lyrical content that deals with consciousness, the trials and triumphs of working with meditation and the path, and the difficulties of bringing that path into a society that often fosters materialism and alienation.” (It’s worth noting that Deadly Light is Dharma-Burger free; any Buddhism here is in the lyrics, not in the packaging. We’re talking art here, and not commerce.)

Now Deadly Light have a new singer — Rob Ropkins, formerly of Beat Senseless and North American Bison – and a new CD called No Gods Within the City. This time, Don tells me, the music amounts to

kind of an unfolding story of ego. The title track is about overthrowing or ridding oneself of external authorities. The second track, “The Feast,” is about the resulting sense of self-importance and hedonism that can arise from immature autonomy. “Arachnophile” follows and is about getting rooted in new self-destructive habits.

Track 4, “Phantom,” is about realizing that the whole story you’ve been telling yourself is bullshit, intransient, and illusory, and the resulting longing for something genuine. The closing track, “Rebellion,” is about rebelling against external and internal norms in order to live an honest, genuine existence.

Check out Deadly Light on their website, where you can download “Phantom” for free — and order No Gods Within the City “for more mere pence,” as the DL dudes say. (In fact, if you click here, you can have your choice of how to download No Gods Within the City, plus Deadly Light’s earlier Six Walls — and get lyrics. All of which is recommended!)

Lastly: I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Deadly Light are celebrating the release of No Gods with a show at The Funhouse in Seattle, on Sept 30. If you’re in the area, be sure to go.

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    Phantom is definitely the winner track on the album. Tight.


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