Via NPR: “Gomo Tulku, the Rapping Lama”

“[T]here’s been a detour in Gomo Tulku’s spiritual journey,” reports NPR. “He’s about to release his first rap recording.”

Now, comments on the piece, so far, don’t seem to be in the Rapping Lama’s favor. But listen for yourself and see what you think.

Of course, there’s nothing new about the Buddhism/hip-hop crossover. And like anything, the results have been all over the map. You’ll find some gems — and otherwise — in the Horse’s archives.

Thanks to Colleen Ann K. for the tip.


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    I’m in favor, how’s that!
    Well, maybe I’m biased as I’ve been in favor of Gomo Tulku since 1985 !
    Best wishes for the success of his single Photograph, released tomorrow …

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    well.maybe no body got 100% right ,but i really wish to see the success for GOMO ,whatever is wrong or right let judge by History,we never knew the point view on other side,might not even know all the facts,some might think that to condemn and to demolish is,among other things as in right to write,but is there really a point to judge ? but the right to condemn or pronounce guilty is a right which in human affairs, cab never be fairly and equitable exercised by one man in relation to the other men, that right should left to history and to the verdict of posterity.think if you were him….


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