A none-more-metal Dharma-Burger

The latest entry from the ever-expanding realm of metal/Buddhism crossovers is the cover and title of the new EP by the great doom/drone band, Queen Elephantine:

The Tibetan-thangka-style art is one thing, but it doesn’t really get more metal than “Garland of Skulls,” does it?* (Queen Elphantine has dabbled in imagery from world religions and cultures, what with album titles like Surya and Kailash, and song titles like “Search for the Deathless State.” And you can download their record, Yatra (as in the Hindu term for “pilgrimage”) for free here.)

Hear the slow, dirgy, powerful track, “Potency,” from Garland of Skulls, here.

(See here for another recent — and recommended — Buddhism/metal crossover.)

* Note: I have dibs on the band name SkülCüp.


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    And the first album s name will be Ticüp, isn’t it. :D

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    Are you sure they’re going for Buddhist imagery here? Founder Indrayudh Shome is of Indian descent, the figure on the album art is blue, Kali is known for her garland of skulls/severed heads.

    They appear to me to be trying to tap into some of the intense and dark bits of Hindu lore, not Buddhism, even though the cover artist seems to have been somewhat influenced by Tibetan art.

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    not sure of anything, really. QE seems to dabble, imagery-wise.


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