Going to Thailand? Don’t expect to come back with a Buddha tattoo as a souvenir.

Via Time, thanks to reader and friend Dan R:

The [Culture] ministry has called on tattoo parlors across Thailand to stop drawing Buddha on people’s bodies because his image is sacred and has asked provincial governors to inspect parlors to assure that they are not defying the decree.

More here. Good thing they’re not keeping people out for already having them, or we’d know a lot of ineligible folks.

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    wonder what the Buddha would say about this? Right livelihood doesn’t mention about images. I don’t understand what the problem is, ‘cept its a ‘human’ problem and its all relative. The Thai monks at a local temple are punished if they accidentally touch a woman. they will obviously shy away. In contrast Tibetan monks and lamas, and the Rinpoche gladly shake your hand and touch foreheads where appropriate. these experiences were what lead me to choose Mahayana and a Tibetan Buddhist temple 3000 miles away when i took refuge.


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