Watch the short film, “Altered Focus: Burma” (Features great skateboarding, too!)

If you have 19 minutes to spare, you’ll likely love “Altered Focus: Burma.” Its makers describe this sweet little film as a look at “three filmmakers and skateboarders, including rider Ali Drummond, as they travel across Yangon and Mandalay. The film explores the reaction to this activity whilst touching on the political situation there.” Watch it here:

Altered Focus: Burma from Hot Knees Media on Vimeo.


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    Congrats to you all! Great short film for presenting a country with beauty, rich culture and important challenges – while connecting with folks in simple, human ways; not a lot of detached analysis. Best wishes for your future efforts!

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    [...] This is a very fun video.  It’s only 19 minutes long, and well worth your time, whether it attracts your attention for the novelty of skateboarders in Burma, Monks in Burma, travel videos in general, or simply the relative novelty of moving images from Burma that aren’t on the news. h/t the worst horse. [...]


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