3D movie “Sex and Zen” overtakes “Avatar” at HK box office

Following up on the story of “Sex and Zen” — a 3D porn film the Horse first told you about way back in January of ’09: that film has now, according to AFP, “broken [Hong Kong's] first-day box office record previously set by Hollywood blockbuster Avatar.” Not sure how I feel about this Dharma-Burger’s massive success. But then, I like sex, I like Zen, and I hated Avatar. So hey.

Here‘s the story. Thanks to dharma-bruddha Josh Bartok for the tip. Josh is a respected teacher and a maker of Buddhist books (as an editor at Wisdom Publications). Check out his Boston-based sangha here.


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    Doug Avery Says:
    April 23rd, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Quick note: I thiiiiink your website might have been slyly hacked by a pretty common WordPress exploit. It serves search engines different content than it serves your readers, tricking Google into giving extra credibility to certain sites. Observe the titles here:


    I noticed because I was searching for an older Worst Horse article using the google site search feature. There’s a little documentation about the hack here: http://wpblogger.com/google-cloacking-wordpress-hack.php

    Again, not a HUGE deal, but it does dampen your traffic and give shady companies more google cred. Kinda lame. Have a good weekend!

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    thanks, Doug. yes… i’m actually aware of this and intend to get to it soon. my family just relocated to Canada so have a lot of adjusting to do but i hope to get to this…. someday soon!

    big thanks!


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