“Attention Deficit Dharma”

So there’s someone at the American Buddhist Center in the Kansas City, MO district of Westport, trying to get people into discussions of spirituality via short YouTube videos. You might bristle at first, but then again, doesn’t it seem like a skillful idea for our times? At least to help people get a foot in the door?

Vern Barnet of the Kansas City Star has the story, and some video (one or two you might recognize from the Horse) links too.


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    I really like Vern Barnet, he wrties a lot of well thought out columns about inter-faith dialogue. Thanks for the link!

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    Although its not clear in the article or the link, Westport is a district within Kansas City. Just to clarify if people wish to seek this class out.

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    thanks for that. will fix this post accordingly.

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    Sorry, I got distracted. What was the original post again?


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