What Akon hath wrought

Sri Lanka is considering banning miniskirts.

Why? Because of Akon’s 2010 video — you know, the one that included scantily clad women dancing around a pool overlooked by a big ol’ Buddha statue? (More on that here. Though, sadly, the actual video is now offline.) And so the pendulum swings…


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    “The Lakbima News newspaper said mini-skirts could be banned if the cultural ministry had its way under a “new era of moral purity.”

    People can not be forced to be more moral by making laws banning something – this just creates tension,unrest, and eventually rebellionism in the public
    (although rebellionism isn’t always bad)
    if anything this is just an example of how Buddhism is being made into just another intolerant religion and not a true display of the practice.

    I hope they find true peace and not the peace it seems they are striving for.

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    Ugh, organized religion has some ugly corners sometimes. I prefer the loosely organized kind. Too much adherence to rules/tradition/dogma makes one lose sight of the bigger picture.

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    Religion + Government is always bad.
    Even when it is ‘Buddhist’.
    Unfortunately, not surprising. Thanks for the note.


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