Video: The Heart Sutra as you’ve never heard or seen it

Big thanks to the mighty Sam DeWitt for sending on this “Pop Heart Sutra” after finding it on the YouTubes.

(The little dude haunting around in the background is my favorite part. That, or maybe the key change. Though when the little dude walks into the foreground, a la Fred Armisen’s David Paterson impression, that’s pretty sweet too.)


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    Hey Rod,

    LOVED this! And of course, I then went through most of the other versions (rock, techno, bossa nova, reggae, rap) but I have to say, I was really bowled over by this one:

    Have you checked it out, yet?

    frank jude

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    thanks, FJ! just posted this in a new post, with thanks to you.

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    I think the girl is supposed to be a riff on Miku Hatsune, the insanely popular Japanese anime idol singer. “She’s” actually a piece of software — a female vocal synthesizer with this kinda blue-haired Britney anime character attached for marketability.

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    This is pretty cool. I love the shoegazer remix of this, too. Here it is:

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