Dharma-Burger! The meaning of Zen — to Zac Efron, at least

The tabloids are abuzz with the news that the young Hollywood star Zac Efron is into “ZEN.”

Notice the scare-quotes there? That’s because Efron’s not into the practice of Zen meditation, or anything to do with Buddhism, but rather, ZEN Foods. (Zen here stands for “Zero Effort Nutrition.”) According to The Daily Mail: “The 23-year-old star has been pictured carrying a Z.E.N.  Foods cooler bag as he left a Hollywood studio. Z.E.N. is a diet delivery service that helps stars eat calorie-controlled meals.”

And according to the Z.E.N. Foods website, Vanessa Hudgens (actress and supposed former flame of Zac) is into the diet, too.

Hey, why make Right Effort,* when you can instead make Zero Effort — and indulge in a big, heaping Dharma-Burger while you’re at it?

(*Link opens up a Dhamma talk on Right Effort by teacher and friend of the Horse Thanissaro Bhikkhu.)

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    those stupid fuckers must not have enough time to hit up the pub for a pint of bitters and some stew, like a real man

    zen.. yeh, RIGHT! – amirite?

    make sure this gets twittered, btw.. inquiring minds and all that


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