“Buddhist Temple Design Inspired By Superman, Spiderman, Batman, And Keanu Reeves”

“Undoubtedly the most bizarre element of [this temple's] design is the presence of contemporary images throughout the interior. Images of the Predator from the Schwarzenegger film franchise, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Avatar, Keanu Reeves’ character in the Matrix, rocket ships, and others line the walls. The sea of hands holding skulls rising up towards the bridge to the temple is also very striking.”

Really. You’ve GOT to see this. It’s apparently quite real. (Funny thing is I had a photo of the temple’s exterior as desktop photo for a while, having no idea what was in the inside, until now.)

And here’s some video of the exterior:

(Tip of the hat to Scott Mitchell.)


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    Yes i grew up near this strange temple! It is very real. It is a very striking temple but as i watched it being built i couldn’t help but wonder if it was being built for tourism rather than spirituality.

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    Here’s a link to some of the interior…

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    there’s a link to the interior in the text above as well, but thx.


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