Bob Odenkirk spoofs the Dalai Lama for Vice

A parody by Bob Odenkirk, of the Dalai Lama’s “tour rider” — a la Van Halen and their infamous, unreasonable “brown M&Ms” demand — has just been published by the often quite funny and smart and worthwhile Vice.

Now: am I pointing to this because [I think] it’s funny and smart and worthwhile, or because it, um, exists?

You’ll quickly figure that out, I’m sure.


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    [...] It’s at Vice Magazine. (Thanks to our pal and Shambhala Sun Space editor Rod Meade Sperry for the pointer at The Worst Horse.) [...]

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    [...] It’s at Vice Magazine. (Thanks to our pal and Shambhala Sun Space editor Rod Meade Sperry for the pointer at The Worst Horse.) [...]

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    It’s likely crap, probably slanderous and libelous to even re-print it.
    Get serious, people. The small print example given for Windsor, Ontario never happened. Why should anyone believe the rest did? Worst Horse? Worst comment!

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    it’s clearly labeled a parody. it’s just not a remotely funny one.

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    cant find your email address to submit this but here’s a k00l dharma burger:

    i wonder if this is what monks actually use to make em

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    why is it not remotely funny, exactly? can you explain this reasoning?

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    sure. the answer (at least my answer) is simple, and of course subjective: didnt make me laugh. not once.

    but it’s NOT about the Dalai Lama being a sacred cow. as a friend pointed out to me, it’s like that Seinfeld bit where Jerry is complaining about another comic’s Jewish jokes. People assume he’s offended because he’s a Jew, but in reality, he’s offended “as a comedian.” (ie, the jokes just are not funny.)…. if you’re gonna be as gratuitous as the jokes are here, at least be funny, i say. but again, that’s subjective.

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    So I guess you are saying your subjectivity has absolute authority, and deserves respect because of that? As opposed to something like the law of gravity, which is just undeniable and can therefore be taken for granted… until you fall down and bust your ass on it. Which can also be very funny, subjectively.

    Somebody once said “opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one”. That seems reasonable.

    “Whenever I see an old lady slip and fall on a wet sidewalk, my first instinct is to laugh. But then I think, what if I was an ant, and she fell on me. Then it wouldn’t seem quite so funny.

    - Jack Handy”

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    i think you’re making quite a leap. i’m expressing MY opinion. on MY blog. i’m even acknowledging it’s subjective. how it would have “authority” is beyond me. disagree with me. i’ve got no problem with that.

    (and even if i did, who cares?)

    if you *do* think it’s funny, that’s your deal; my opinion is as consequential or inconsequential as you want it to be. you’re your own authority in the end.

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    Well lets take a leap together, shall we?

    Would you say that being offended is the same as being disrespected? Or is there some sort of differentiation I am missing here.

    My point is that to feel this kind of “disrespect” requires a feeling of authority which has been transgressed in some way. You yourself expressed this as “not a jew, but a comedian”. So you admit there is no racial superiority, but would rather believe in another existential one based on your own actions. It seems your professional occupation is what allows you to be offended.

    Of course its “your blog”, but its not “your internet”. You can delete my comments if you wish, of course – but you cannot delete the internet.

    It is telling that “your blog” is an investigation of the perceived commercialization and “dumbing down” of the dharma. Very telling.

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    i publish this stuff because it’s interesting (and for me, fun) and the following discussion is interesting (and fun). so i have no intention of deleting your comments.

    i wouldnt say that being disrespected or being offended are the same. you can disrespect me (i dont exactly assume that you have much respect for me) but it’s *my* choice to be offended.

    i think you have a right to your opinion, i have a right to mine, and the world is way way way more than big enough for them both.

    by the way: i just want to add that while the blog is about (in part) the commercialization of the dharma, i dont think it’s really about the dumbing down of the dharma. i dont think the dharma can be “dumbed down.” we can choose to mistake something else for the dharma, but the dharma is the dharma. if i misperceive it, that’s my fault, not the dharma’s.

    gotta run. thanks for the comments.

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    So you are saying its possible to be disrespected, but not get offended by it?

    What an interesting concept.

    Enjoy “your blog”!

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    it may be “my” blog but dialogue helps make it worthwhile. if we (i) just talk to people with whom we (i) already agree, there’s little chance for growth. so thanks for participating.

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    You’re back!

    Yes, and good luck with all that dialogue – blogs are hard work sometimes.

    So if we ignored all the things that offend us, then we wont have any possibility to be offended anymore.. and then the blog would suffer a lack of posts that are “not even remotely funny”. That seems very reasonable. Perhaps it might be “not remotely fun” at times, but at least it would be reasonable.

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    I didn’t see a category for unabashed ickiness, but felt like I should turn this one over to you (somewhat like a student turning over an inappropriate drawing found in an elementary classroom):

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    um, wow, Ren. just…. WOW.


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