“Abraxas” — Punk rock meets Buddhism (again)

The Hollywood Reporter reviews the new film Abraxas — which just played the Sundance festival. Here’s the opening paragraph:

The idea of a Buddhist monk who is a punk rocker seems impossibly incongruous, and that’s how his parishioners in a small Japanese town feel about it. But Jonen is no ordinary monk. He is a sensitive and troubled soul trying to silence the noise within. Abraxas, Naoki Kato’s exquisitely crafted debut feature, is that rare spiritual film that is funny and moving without being stuffy. Years ago, it would have been the kind of film that played well in art houses, but today, like Jonen, it will have to search to find its place.

Despite the Reporter‘s “Punk Rock Meets Buddhism” headline, punk and Buddhism are actually pretty well acquainted. But that’s cool. Anyway, read the whole review here. And check out the trailer at Sweeping Zen.

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