Peter Rowan’s Buddhist bluegrass

Peter Rowan was just on NPR — he’s a big deal in the bluegrass (and wider) music world. Did you know he is Buddhist? And even has a song, “Across the Rolling Hills,” with a Buddhist chant in it?

Hear it here, and get the story on it, in Fresh Air’s wonderful interview with him.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did. And for more about Peter Rowan, visit his website.

(And: Happy Thanksgiving.)


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    I was so happy to hear that interview and the sweet blue grass music. As well as the song of praise for Guru Rimpoche in a sacred musical form. I would have liked to hear more about Peter Rowan’s spiritual journey….

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    I did a retreat with Peter last year. He’s a really cool cat. One night he busted out with the guitar and sang for us at the dining hall. He’s a good song writer, musician, and a nice guy.


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