Is Buddhism “back in vogue” in India?

We talk about the mash-up of Buddhism and pop culture here on the Horse, often, as if it were a purely Western phenomenon. Meanwhile, in the land that the historical Buddha actually walked, Buddhism is making a resurgence, and pop culture is playing its part. Via the Indian Express:

From the new-found interest in the religion, it looks like Indians are having a new tryst with Buddhism. [...] With Kabbalah becoming the latest exotic religion in the West, it is now Indians’ turn to be infatuated with Buddhism. But for most part, this interest has been more ornamental and cosmetic. One often finds statues of Buddha, from laughing to reclining, in hotel lobbies, restaurants, yoga studios and even in bathrooms.

Few, it seems, can resist the power of the Dharma-Burger. (Insert “sacred cow” joke here.) More here.

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