Dharma-Burger! New commerical for South Africa’s Toyota “Yaris Zen” has to be seen to be believed

Told you about the Zen the other day.

Now, here’s a link to its new commercial (via BizCommunity; links open in new windows).

Yee gads.


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    things like this make me so glad i’ve basically given up TV.

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    oh wow.

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    Hmmm, maybe it is powered by skillful karma and when your less skillful karma ripens is when it breaks down. Then you have to take it to a genuine temple to have it repaired through chanting by the monks. Hehe…Crazy commercial.

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    Guys, where is your sense of humour. We had such a great time makeing this ad. The dog loves the attention, the cat fitted straight in and we are all so thrilled when they apprear on screen. Its the one ad that gets everyone talking.

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    Give us a break Says:
    November 9th, 2010 at 9:43 am

    Jane: have you read this site? Most people here DO have a sense of humor. I mean, we’re SO glad the dog and cat had a great time, but the product’s name is lame, and the ad is lame, too. (Not to mention lazily near-racist.)

    This is “the one ad” that gets everyone talking? I dont think so.


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