Update: Henry Rollins’s Dispatches from Lhasa and Bhutan

Punk godfather (god, he must hate that, but he did sing for Black Flag and the woefully underappreciated Rollins Band) Henry Rollins travels. A lot. He also writes. A lot. Some of his recent traveling and writing has been all about Asia.

He was recently in Tibet, and you’ll find an excerpt from his online journal after the jump. He’s now been to Paro, Bhutan, and has written about that as well. Always worth a quick read.

I am not a religious person in the least but I must say, all the statues I saw today, so amazing. Buddhism, from what I have seen of it in the many countries I have been to that practice it, seems to be a looser and less fear-filled religion. You can take all of what I know about religion and lose it in a thimble. People here are serious about it here. I have seen women that are at least a couple of hundred years old, walking towards that temple, spinning their prayer wheels, they look like they have lived their entire lives outside and have walked most of their lives. Then there’s the folks who have the metal plates on their hands, who get on their knees, slide their palms flat on the ground until they are flat on the ground, go back to a kneeling position, stand up and then start again. Apparently, the more times one does this, the better it’s going to go for them in life. There are some people who do it all day. Well, ok!

For more from Henry, check out the Dispatches page of his new website.

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