Dharma-Burger! Nirvana, for your buds — and “your associates”

The Buddha/weed connection — some other recent examples are here, here, and here — um, blooms. From an anonymous source comes this one:

Why anonymous? Because this shot was taken inside and sent to the Horse from a fully-functioning marijuana growing operation. Really! There, it seems, “Nirvana” is a tool of the trade.

And it’s a well-established product. Dig the cheezy copy from the product’s otherwise not-so-cheezy website: “In your relentless quest for larger buds that are worth more to you and your associates, you now have an all-organic formula called Nirvana.”

Yes, that’s what Nirvana’s all about. And the best time to meditate is 4:20.


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    Considering the Buddhist vow regarding intoxicants and the Buddhist dedication to clarity of mind, I’ve always wondered why Buddhists aren’t more outraged by the “Buddha/weed connection.” Or, if they are outraged, why aren’t they more vocal about it ?

    You can be sure that adverts or products featuring weed and Jesus or Mohammed, or a priest, rabbi, or imam, would be met with howls of protest.

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    someone just sent me this… i guess it is happening here in LA today. not sure how i can submit this for a dharma-burger…

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    thanks so much, Jason — I’ve now posted about it.

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    Just came across this passage in the Vimalakirti Sutra:


    “If in a kalpa there is sickness, [the Buddha] appears and makes various kinds of medicinal herbs.”

    Maybe these people are onto something? :-)


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