Sympathy for the Buddha

No, this isn't another Mick Jagger post. As the Edmonton Journal reports:
Scott Robb could have a devil of a time winning a seat in October's civic election. The 31-year-old security officer is the founder of the Darkside Collective, which he believes is the first Canadian-based satanic church. "I have been a practising Satanist since 1996. I briefly joined the Church of Satan in San Francisco in 1997 and quit there in February 2000 and started my own church." Robb, one of five Ward 4 council candidates, compared his group's beliefs to psychological improvement or Buddhism rather than the occult activities of popular culture.
For example?
For example, their black magic involves letting out emotions such as anger through ritual so they won't be open to emotional outbursts, he explained.
Well, that's simplifying things. Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey did have an interesting take on ritual, and his stance was much more life-affirming than most would ever guess. But, still.
This isn't the first time, though, that a public figure has tried to curry favor for his beleaguered religion by comparing it to Buddhism. (You may recall Tom Cruise's declaration that Buddhism was the "grandfather" of Scientology. Yikes.) And you cam bet it won't be the last.

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