Dharma-Burger! A strange case for meditation (Video)

I’ve seen a lot of references to meditation and/or Buddhism in advertising over my past few years of tracking them. Some, arguably, have been inspired. Some have been funny. Some have been perhaps unfortunate, or even inappropriate.

As for what word might best describe this new commercial… all I’ve got, at first blush, is “weird.” *

Reader Sam DeWitt — who spotted the commercial and sent it on — playfully writes:

Who would have thought that the real reason we should cultivate wisdom and compassion via meditation is so that we can create skins for our iPhones?

I might have to re-think this whole thing!

What do you think?

Do you think there’s room for such idealized, hyperstylized, depictions of meditation — even when they’re put to use for moving product rather than, say, inspiring us to honestly look at the contents of our minds, as they are, in the present moment?

Or do you think such co-optation is in some way harmful?

* Note: having now watched it a few times, I’m still not totally sure what I think of the ad but I do have to say that A) that seems like a LONG way to go to sell such a simple thing, and B) If I said I didn’t enjoy watching it, I’d be lying.


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    I like to look at these things as hopefully a reflection of what people are moving towards.
    Like major companies advertising eco-friendly ideals and products, Even if the company is horrible and lying, Its still a reflection of us inching closer to a world where environmental factors are high priority on every consumers minds.

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    FelixBodhi Says:
    August 30th, 2010 at 1:29 am

    I don’t see this as a Dharma-burger. Sitting with crossed legs (not even in a lotus position) does not solely belong to the domain of meditation or Dharma. Although there aren’t too many other places where you’ll find people with 6 arms….


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