See a teaser trailer for the film of Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha

It's in Japanese. I don't speak Japanese. But I do have a pretty good awesomeness detector. Click the image above or here.


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    [...] First Trailer for the Warner Bros. (Japan) Film Adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha July 19, 2010 Posted by Danny Fisher in Buddhism and film, Buddhism and popular culture, arts and entertainment. Tags: Buddha, manga, Osamu Tezuka, Warner Bros. (Japan) trackback Via our main man and Shambhala Sun Space editor Rod Meade Sperry at The Worst Horse: [...]

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    Rebecca Burgess Says:
    July 19th, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    I just wanted to say, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

    You wrote a post about Twin Peaks not long ago, and although one of my housemates owned the first series, I had never got around to watching until you mentioned and reminded me on your blog!

    And NOW!
    AAAHHH! I’ve been watching it with my family every day, we’re loving it so much. We’re on episode 14 and were screaming at the tv in both joy and fear at what’s happened. hehe all my family can talk about is Twin Peaks, its left an impact on us!

    But wow what a show! I’ve seen many Lynch films before, but thus far Twin Peaks has been my favourite Lynch production, the subtle, emotional and humorous direction is fantastic. And I laugh at/love Coopers little ‘Tibet’ conversations.

    So yeah, thanks for posting about Twin Peaks, best tv series I’ve ever seen I think!!

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    right on! yeah, that’s an all-time fave. the first half of season 2 is rough but otherwise, whew!

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    Buddhism and anime always seem funny to me. I can just picture the Buddha having spikey blue hair and shooting huge fireballs that blow up mountains and such. :-p

    But with that said, yes, it does look pretty nice.


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