The latest celebrity Buddhist: Cher

For reals, says the Las Vegas Sun, quoting an interview in Architectural Digest:

Superstar entertainer Cher has said she is now a Buddhist, but added with characteristic self-deprecation, “who should always be in after-school detention.” [...] I’ve played around with Buddhism for years,” continues the actress, a devotee of the American Buddhist nun Pema Chodron. “The soul of the universe, everything that I need, I can find in its practice.”

That new issue of AD is on stands now.

Related (well, not really, but also from today’s news): NFL star Ricky Williams is a meditator.

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    Interesting article; if you search my blog for “Sonny Bono wildlife refuge” you’ll come upon the single most popular post ever in the roughly 5 years my blog’s been around.

    But even more interesting is the part tacked on below…leading me to the question: When will we find out that Chumlee is a Buddhist????


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