The Buddha in the Machine — in another machine

Thanks to Molly DeShong and Sam DeWitt for simultaneously alterting the Horse about a new "Buddha Machine" iPhone app, as reported on Synthopia. As you may know, the Buddha Machine is a Horse favorite-gizmo. (More here, and also this cool new working online "wall" of them from Zendesk, which almost makes me feel bad about this.) Now if only I had an iPhone. (Santa?) And while we're talking iPhones, check out Not2wo's clever wish-list of Dharmic dream-apps.


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    Perfect! I just came here to see if you had posted about this yet, and it was the first thing I saw. Hahahaha…

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    [...] may recall the Buddha Machine, a Worst Horse favorite, and the more recent iPhone app. The New Yorker details the Buddha Machine 2.0: The electronic musicians Christiaan Virant and [...]


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