Dharma-Burger! The “Tantra Chair” (NSFW!)

Good old Tom A. sends this one:

“Yo, I saw this chair on one of Zen By Design’s webpages and thought ‘what the hell?’  It looked like a chair that Woody Allen found impossible to properly sit on when he was whisked into the future in Sleeper. THEN, I discovered the pleasures of the Tantra Chair. Yes, the Tantra ChairLie back, my lovely. Screw meditation while I nibble on your neck.”

Crazy. Thanks much, Tom!

By the way, readers — If you think this photo’s a little too racy, you might not want to visit the site, where “position guides” show actual naked people using the Chair, both indoors and “poolside.” Thankfully, no Buddha statues were included in those shoots.

There are even mildly explicit videos, each a bit ridiculous, but none more than this one with — ahem – “tantric music.”


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    Where’s the chair in that picture? All I noticed is… ehhm… a statue on the left upper corner.

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    [...] course, in the West, Tantra equates with sex 99.00095% of the time—as in this titillating slash insightful post on buddy Rod Meade Sperry’s The Worst Horse, a leading American Buddhist culture and practice [...]


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